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[ 07 09 05|10:03pm ]
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[ 12 02 05|10:04pm ]
[ mood | i'm lonely and sad ]

mmm i have a headachheeeeee *sniffles* and i'm looooonnneeeeeelllyyy and its valentines and there is no one to cuddle! oh and i don't like America u___u well i do but i am not currently pleased with my residence... I dont like suburbia beacuse i cant freaking walk anywhere! what the crap! i need a stupid car and i'm a bad driver! i just want to live in a little town where i can get up throw on a coat and walk somewhere! like the markets or the local cafe or something... where i have friends that live close enough that we can hang out.. where there is places for teenagers to enjoy themselves and where ther weather is PREDICTABLE!!!!!!!!!! I"M SO FREAKING SICK OF BEING STUCK IN THIS HOUSE! I THINK MY HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLODE!!!!!!! so instead i'll share my life's fantasy!....

I want to live in spain... in a small city like Rota on the costa del sol (the coast of the sun).. i want a small house thats comfortable and I want to be married... i want every sunday for the entire family to come over for lunch..so my children will know their cousins and uncles and aunts and grandparents... i want to walk outside and look down the street and see my kids running a few houses down to their abuelos' (grandparents') house and i want to wave to my dad and say "what are you bringing for lunch?"... i want to own a small local art gallery not a big multi million dollar gallery..just one of a few rooms where I can have a little shop that sells handmade crafts... like ceramics and knitted/sewn things...not a huge buisiness just a little nice one.. I want to make art and to live life slow and peaceful and have a small family in a comfortable house with a simple life u___u seriously is that too much? is it really!?

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[ 12 02 05|10:19pm ]
[ mood | still pretty not good ]

[ sixteen random things i like ]

16) My family (and my friends yeah lets put that as one)
15) God (cause he's cool)
14) sushi
13) J-rock
12) jewelry (walmart jewelry ^___^)
11) Romance
10) Writing
09) Art (why is this so far down on the list meh no special order)
08) Making things with my hands
07) Love and kisses
06) Animals
05) Foreign people and items ^__~ if that makes sense
04) Cloudy days and rain
03) walking in pretty places
02) Travel
01) Reading stuff thats good

[ fifteen movies that i like ]

15) Moon Child
14) Pirates (yayyy orlando bloom and Depp ^__^)
13) The matrix
11) Mulan, Aladin, Lion King (basically all animated disney movies)
10) Chicago
09) Moulin Rouge
08) Run Lola Run (indie film in german with english songs! XD!)
07) Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
06) Hero (basically all subtitled asian movies)
05) Enter the Dragon
04) Troy
03) Zorro
02) Boondock Saints
01) Brotherhood of the wolf

[ fourteen bands/ singers that i like ]

14) Gackt
13) Lin clover
12) L'Arc~en~Ciel
11) Jewel
10) Sean Paul (dont ask XD!)
09) (cant think of anything >.<) uhh Natalie Imbruglia
08) Psyco le Cemu
07) Maroon 5
06) Los Loney Boys
05) Swithcfoot
04) Jason Maraz
03) Duran Duran
02) mmmmm....
01) errr....

[ thirteen physical things about me ]

13) My hair is long and brown ^__^
12) Pierced ears
11) short u__u
10) Big brown eyes
09) wierd red spot on hand (what is that 0__o)
08) only a little tan (cause i hibernate in winter)
07) Long nails
06) Curvy (understatement)
05) Nice Teeth
04) oval face
03) Small psuedo asian nose 0.o make any sense
02) clumsy (thats a physical trait i swear)
01) a few freckles

[ twelve good friends ]

12) Lilli
11) Emily
10) Tracey
09) Sam and Log (they are one)
08) Ashley
07) Ashleigh
06) Kimmi
05) Francis Y and Francis F
04) Tim
03) Nghia (if i ever meet him)
02) Christine and Danielle Rucker
01) Bree (comet)

[ eleven favorite foods/ drinks ]

11) Cheese (manchego in particular but i like all cheese)
10) Rice
09) Sushi
08) Ramen
07) Coffee
06) oolong tea
05) Sopresata (spanish meat)
04) Paella (spanish dish)
03) Lumpia
02) All Ice Cream
01) any kind of chips

[ ten things i wear every day ]

10) makeup of some kind
09) Earings
08) The ring my father gave to me
07) The ring Tracey gave to me
06) Underwear...
05) Various other jewelry items
04) a scarf i made
03) shoes of some kind
02) a jacket...yes all year round
01) some kind of chest covering device (often a shirt)

[ nine things that annoy me ]

09) People who tell me that I'm short.. like I don't already know ( i agree sam XD)
08) When my guy friends wont stop touching me (TIM RRRGGG!)
07) When I put myself in bad relationships
06) When tracey cant say anything but mean things to me
05) When i come off looking stupid or ditzy...cause i'm not >.>
04) People who are really pretty... I just get jealous ( also agree on this sam!)
03) When my guy friends are jerks...ok guys in general
02) the news...always upseting
01) when i do something socially unacceptable or when i say somethings stupid

[ eight things i touch every day ]

08) Myself... its kind of with me all the time not like i can avoid it
07) My bed ( i wake up in it!)
06) My shower (why does everyhting ive said so far sound like an inuendo)
05) Some person (i give many hugs)
04) An art supply of some kind
03) food
02) An electronic device (computer ^__^)
01) air

[ seven shows i watch ]

07) Family Guy
06) Futurama
05) Full Metal alchemist
04) Teen titans
03) Friday Night Stand-up
02) Ghost in the shell
01) Wolfs Reign

[ six people I have a crush on ]

01) ^__~ you know who you are *tackles*

[ five things i hate ]

05) when i say something stupid
04) Mean people and mean things
03) stuff that doesnt work in a benificial way
02) stupid comments and stupid actions
01) evil ^___^

[ four favorite holidays ]

04) Christmas
03) (trys desperatly to think of a holiday) uhh New years
02) uhmmm... any birthday i'm invited to
01) summer holiday ^____^

[ three people i love with my whole heart ]

03) Oh this is sooo not enough space
02) All my Family
01) All my Friends

[ two favorite songs of all time ]

02) We were meant to live
01) Vanilla

[ one most valued possession ]

01) possesions aren't that valuable in the long run (corny XD)

(Kiss me, Sweetface.)

[ 08 02 05|07:44pm ]
i took this quiz u___u soooo accurate ...
eXpressive: 11/10
Practical: 3/10
Physical: 7/10
Giver: 2/10

You are a XSYT--Expressive Sentimental Physical Taker. This makes you a Firebrand.

You are volatile, sexy and sexually driven. You're magnetic and fascinating, but you don't really enjoy playing the field -- it makes you nervous and preys on your insecurites. But when you fall for someone you fall hard.

You tend to over-analyze things, so the slightest comment or action from your significant other can send you into a tailspin. You crave attention and validation from your loved ones, so if your friends don't like your partner or your partner doesn't like your friends it makes you suffer. Unfortunately the two are often in conflict -- you have excellent insight with your friends, but in a relationship you are blind. Trust your friends!

You blow hot and cold, with big highs and big lows. This makes the bad times very bad but the good times very good, so you tend to stay in a problem relationship much longer than you should. But when a relationship fails, you hold a grudge. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but make sure your grudge doesn't cloud your vision the other way!

What would help you most in your relationships is confidence. You need someone who can help you feel good about yourself and not worse.

You can be needy and jealous. Fortunately you are cute as hell.

Of the 194131 people who have taken this quiz, 5.6 % are this type.
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[ 08 02 05|07:22pm ]
[ mood | frustrated ]

oh it was such a nice day today! i made jewelry pendants in glass class and at long last i'm starting to get my sculpture projects done u___u i forever have work and my guy friends are all being jerk-faces! they are either too mean...too touchy feely or too "woe is me you hate me" and its all just just cause i'm too mean *cries* i snapped on tim and punched the living crap out of him yesterday and tomarrow i'm gunna see him tomarrow... and if he wont leave me alone i will smack him in the face...ughhhh am i PMSing or something whyyyy am i such a mooooody person mmmrrrrr ...well today was at least decent if thats worth much

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AS BIG AS MY FACE! [ 03 02 05|09:29pm ]
[ mood | freeeeeeeezzzinnnggg! ]

uugghhhhh sooooooo freeeeeezing u_____U it was so cold today... it snowed up at GSA (and i was wearing like jeans and one shirt u__u) "those snowflakes were as big as my face!!!" ~ Amanda/Masa they where huge and they kept getting in my eeeeeeyyyyessss... oh yes i'm upset with sam u___u i love her to death and i'm really sad all that crap is going on in her life... i care about her...stop being stupid sam... we love you (emily~geta~ among others)... man i'm tierd... and i still have HW to do... AS ALWAYS... so i'm actually going to go upstairs and do it after this entry... oh my goodness i've become obsessed with deviant art.. and taking really strange crazy lighting effect photos... (ugh wierd much 0.o) buuuuuuuttt since logyn just signed on i'm gunna talk to her and not do my work! cool? cool!

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[ 31 01 05|09:32pm ]
[ mood | mellow mondays ]

meh mondays are never fun... i had lunch for a whole bell though..which means i ate extra junk today u__u its not fair why do i eat junk food.. i always feel horrible later.. i have no food eating restraint!.. mmmmmmmmmm no one will love me cause i eat junk and am fat u___u... thats such a ridiculous thing to say 6^___^ someone who loves me shouldnt care >.> but i care *rants to self for a few minutes* mmrrr anway so...i didn't do much today...except be sad that i dont have a pressure washer which would make my life gads easier... (sculpture porject >.< no need to ask....) ... thinks.. does anyone acutally read my journal? (looks at her like 4 comments ever which all seem to come from emily) u___U my life must not be interesting lol!

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mexican= funny! [ 30 01 05|09:45pm ]
[ mood | school= frustrating experience ]

i am really not excited about there being school tomarrow u__u i hate going to regular school lol but at least there is GSA...i love me some GSA... i didnt do ANYTHING productive today...nothing that betters my chances at a good college nothing that furthers my education...oh wait i did enter a poem on poetry.com... meh whatever...(winning would be cool though!)this weekend was fun heh i went with tracey saturday and we dis some service hours at GSA and then we went to MacAurthur...that place is prety darn huge... and its wierd to actually go shopping... i dunno..ususally i just run around and bother people and drink smoothies... i never actually buy stuff lol... and i liked this skirt but i looked bad in it so i wasnt about to spent 17 dollars... oh well x___X but seriously i saw that same skirt in like 8 stores and every time i wanted to buy it =p... i also found out that i like flat shoes..and that i'm reallly short u__u oh well.. yeah so i guess i'll be on my way i wanna see george lopez on comedy central (he's funny..and mexican! yay!)

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[ 20 01 05|07:41pm ]
[ mood | chipper ]

knit knit knitty knitty knit..i feel like a wage slave grandma sometimes lol! ... guess what guess what! i get to spent saturday with T-kun! (tracy...the girl tracy...she just likes me adding the kun...she is such a seme man lol) annnyway i'm excited maybe...if its not freezing (which it will be but i can dream) we can explore our country! yes....we have a country... and its a splendid country... you have to kyak to get there! its so romantic and wonderful (not romatic as in putting the moves on tracey...but ya know... in the poetic naturalistic idealistic sense 0.o meep) and there are the elders! and they are great...but there are wasps too >.< and them be dangerous *laughs to self about her ridiculousness* well it was fun but its prolly too cold for that... maybe this summer then!...ooooo i hope to get a job working as a screen printing assistant over the summer! how much fun would that be neh! and its right next to my karate studio! i miss karate u___U.... ohh geeze it snowed at GSA yeasterday and we had to wait for what.. 3 hours for a bus? 0.o it was kinda fun though cause we played concentration64 (why does that game have a 64 i will never know) in a big circle and wheeler (the girl wheeler... geeze first T-kun now wheeler) won yayyy for wheeler! i'm in glass class and sculpture this nine weeks which is fun ^___^ so i'm a chipper mood i guess... but i got to write proposals...and i hate...writting proposals... really i do... so i'll do sketches instead! and i should be training my archer! off I go then! (dizang... thats like 20 exclamations points in one little section whoop! or maybe i imagined that.... ... . ... ! ahh!)

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[ 17 01 05|12:30am ]
when is the last time i updated! like a month ago! well who actually reads these things anyway...does anyone remeber all that crap complaining i did about history...well no joke... I HAVE A FREAKING A! WHAT THE! well anyway i've been in a real artsy mood lately seems all i'm really in the mood for is making art and making love! (LOL i'm just playin...on the second one you loser >.>) yeah so ive been knitting a lot lately got like....*counts on fingers* SIX COMISSIONS! (two from my mother...lol...she loves those dang scarfs! i do not understand!)yeah ive been talking a lot to Nghia lately and playing more Ragnarok than is humanly healthy lol... i think i big break would be nice... i just kinda wanna get away somehwere...and make artwork and get ready for my show... i spread myself so thin sometimes between friends and work...and play...and art and comissions (which kinda count as art i do enjoy knitting ^__^) and eating and breathing...and sleep...when the option presents itself... seems i just need to stop.. i do enjoy my busy life though! i have a lot going for me... i need to be thankful...what more i need to stop being such a loser and go to church... and pray more...and read more good books ...and learn to let things go... and be happy with myself... seems such important things get pushed aside... like the cores ourselfs get covered up with external endevours... what is the core of my life? My religious ideals for one...my art...those i love... honor, wisdom, love/understanding... i dont tell people i love them enough... i get stressed and i can be mean to those i care about...any of you who see this... i'm sorry... i dont mean to joke you guys all the time i just...am stupid sometimes... i'm sorry...i love you guys ya know?
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